Welcome to the Sidney Classical Orchestra. We are a professional chamber orchestra situated in Sidney on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

We are planning a three concert season from January - May 2022 providing all goes well with Covid and we are able to enlist new board members. In particular we need a President, Treasurer, and Fundraiser. Please see the Board of Directors page for more info.

If you wish to help us out  in this noble endeavour of bringing fine classical music to Sidney and the Peninsula, since 1992, please contact Ian Reid. Contact info below.

Sincerely, Stephen Brown

Ian Reid

11007 Tryon Place
North Saanich BC
Canada  V8L 5H6
tel.  250 656 5807
email. ijeireid@shaw.ca

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

Victor Hugo


The goals of the SCO are to:

▪ provide high-quality classical music to the communities of Sidney and the Saanich peninsula

▪ encourage and provide opportunities for young people to enjoy and participate in classical music

▪ contribute to the music and arts culture of the Saanich Peninsula


The SCO (formerly known as the St. Cecilia Orchestra) was formed by its current artistic director Stephen Brown.


Since 1992, the SCO has been delivering classical music performances of all periods, from Baroque to 20th century. The SCO has premiered a number of compositions by its Music Director Stephen Brown and other local composers.


Usually, there are four concerts each year. Each concert presents a special mixture of classical favourites and new or less well-known works. Concerts are known for their warm intimacy and ability to engender a link at a personal level between players and audience.


Young Soloists with the SCO. Each year five - eight young soloists have been chosen to perform with the SCO at a special concert in March. We are hoping to have the next Young Soloists Concert in March, 2022. Application forms will be available in September, 2021.

A review from a former Young Soloist Concert says it all:

“Nothing is more refreshing than attending a concert of young musicians. I can think of several reasons for this: their work ethic, their obvious talent, the total absence of artistic arrogance and swagger, the excitement equally shared between the performers and their parents, and the entire audience’s genuine wish for them to succeed. One has to make allowances for little glitches, but these were few and far between at the Young Soloists Concert.”

Peter Berlin – Music in Victoria